Ian Cinco's Erratica Volume 1 Shift of Essence contains four years of Ian's art (2013-2017), mostly made in sketchbooks and mostly in chronological order. It features absurd, strange, erotic and satirical adult-themed imagery and thoughts. It is a book of unbridled pursuits, raw ideas, flights of fancy, dives into darkness and returns to luminous thought.

If you were to find this book and know nothing about Ian Cinco, you’d be justified in thinking there might be something wrong with this guy who likes to draw a lot of self-portraits, or judging by all the T&A he must be some kind of degenerate, and what’s up with all the eyeballs? You might not be able to tell if he’s deliberately trying to be funny or weird or if he’s actually just off. You might think this whole book seems pretty random. If you think all these things you’d at least have to agree this book is aptly named.

This book strives to remind humanity that our imperfections and weirdness will always make us more interesting than how the system makes us think and feel. Break the system. Change the way you think. And check out some really cool and weird art.